Patient Information


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The account you have or will receive relates to pathology testing performed and reported by SydPath as requested by your doctor.

Bulk Billing

Pensioner Card, Health Care Card & Veteran’s Affairs card holders, children under the age of 18 and adults over the age of 80 are eligible for bulk billing. If you are bulk billed you will not receive an invoice and your account will be sent directly to Medicare by SydPath.

Please note – to bulk bill in this fashion, we require your written authorisation (Signature and your valid Medicare number). In the event we do not receive your written approval, we are legally obliged to issue the invoice directly to you. Our pathology requests are structured such that your authority can be provided on the form

Private Billing.

Private billing will occur for patients who do not meet the bulk billing criteria

Does Medicare cover all pathology tests ordered?

Not all tests are eligible for the Medicare rebate and these tests must be paid for in full. Refer to our Non Rebatable Test List  for the most common of these tests or you may search the Medicare Benefits Schedule. Please note the out-of-pocket guarantee does not apply to these tests.

Out of Pocket Guarantee 

Our Guarantee for Outpatients

Once you have received your invoice and have claimed your Medicare rebate, SydPath have guaranteed your out of pocket expenses will only be $50.00 per episode. Please note that SydPath’s Out of Pocket Guarantee does not extend to any Non Rebatable tests your referring doctor may have requested.

Our Guarantee for Hospital Inpatients

Once you have paid your invoice and claimed your Medicare and Private Health Insurance rebate, if you are out of pocket by more than $500.00 per hospital stay, we will refund the difference to you. Please note that SydPath’s Out of Pocket Guarantee does not extend to any Non Rebatable tests your referring doctor may have requested.

If you are eligible to claim the out of pocket guarantee for hospital inpatients please complete this online form.

Workers Compensation / Pre employment / Insurance Medical Claims

Accounts for tests that relate to a Workers Compensation claim, pre-employment or pre- insurance medical will be forwarded directly to the relevant company or employer if details are provided. Otherwise you will receive an invoice.

Account Enquiries

Should you have any other queries please contact our Accounts Department on 02 8382 2150.

Online Payments

To pay your account online click here

                                                                                                         Effective date: 5th September 2016