Cytopathology [including Fine Needle Biopsy Service]

SydPath’s Cytopathology Service is part of the Department of Tissue Pathology and Cancer Genetics. Our cytologists and cytopathologists offer a comprehensive cytology service to both St Vincent’s campus and a wide range of clients throughout the Sydney region.

Services comprise:

Gynaecological cytology including

  •  Cervical and vaginal vault PAP smears including Thin-Prep liquid based cytology: all cases double screened
  •  Smears for anal intraepithelial neoplasia
  •  HPV testing on Cervista platform for low and high risk subtypes

General (non gynaecological) cytology including

  •  Urines and urinary tract washings
  •  Serous effusions (pleural, peritoneal, pericardial, CSF)
  •  Respiratory specimens (sputum, bronchial washings & brushings)
  •  Semen analysis (post vasectomy)

Fine needle aspiration biopsies including

  •  Fine needle biopsies performed by pathologists on palpable lesions (same day testing provided where possible)
  •  Image-guided fine needle biopsies performed by endoscopists (EBUS/EUS) or radiologists, with scientist attendance to advice on sample adequacy and triage for ancillary testing
  •  Intra-operative/procedural fine needle biopsies (FNABs), reported by attending Pathologist on site

To book Fine Needle Aspiration Biopises (FNABs) by pathologist  call (02) 8382 9217:  outpatients are seen either at St Vincent’s Clinic (SydPath Suite 501) or at the Kinghorn Cancer Centre (Level 5).

To contact the Cytology Department please call (02) 8382 9230

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