Chemical Pathology

The SydPath department of chemical pathology provides a comprehensive testing service with a focus on rapid result availability, analytical quality and interpretive support.

The department has invested in automation to provide over 70 common tests consistently within two hours from sample arrival in the laboratory, with many results being available in well under this time. Of course some rarer or manual assays are performed less frequently with results available next day or within a week.

The methods at SydPath have been selected for class-leading precision, accuracy and freedom from interferences.

The department provides testing for routine electrolytes, kidney and liver function tests, enzymes, lipids, blood gases, metabolites, therapeutic drug monitoring, urine drug screens, tumour markers, as well as endocrine measurements for pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, reproductive and pancreatic testing.

The department provides a consultation services through the Chemical Pathologist for advice on appropriate testing and interpretation of results. Additional information on tests and their interpretation is provided via the SydPath website. The department is also active in research, both in providing testing for external studies, but also internal projects leading to many posters and presentations at local and international meetings.



To contact the Biochemistry Department phone (02) 8382 9164