Work Place and Insurance Testing

Pre –employment Screening.

As the nature of every industry differs, SydPath can assist you in packaging a pre employment benefits program that suits the needs of your business.

Employee and Executive Health Screening.

SydPath can assist you in organising an Employee Health Promotion Scheme suitable for your employees working conditions and lifestyle environment.

A number of tests can be packaged to accommodate your Companies Health aims and business models.

Occupations Health Screening (OH& S Workpace testing)

SydPath can advise and assist you with your legal obligations to provide a safe working environment for all employees, visitors and staff.

Monitoring exposure to hazardous substances and all immunisation programs to protect against overexposure are a part of our commercial services.

Our TGA accreditation capabilities places SydPath in an unique position as we are the only laboratory within NSW who hold this accredited license. See more on our TGA accreditation

Insurance Testing

SydPath can supply Insurance professionals, associated advisors and clients with a comprehensive health care evaluation program.