Chemical Pathology Recent Publications

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Mass or molar? Recommendations for reporting concentrations of therapeutic drugs

Jones GRD, Bryant S, Fullinfaw R, Ilett K, Miners JO, Morris RG, Doogue MP.Med J Aust 2013;198:368-369.



Collective opinion paper on findings of the 2011 convocation of experts on laboratory quality.

Adams O, Cooper G, Fraser C, Hubmann M, Jones G, Plebani M, Sonntag O, Vaubourdolle M. Clin Chem Lab Med. 2012;50:1547-1558

 Accurate Assessment of Kidney Function in Indigenous Australians: the eGFR Study.

Maple-Brown LJ, Hughes JT, Lawton PD, Jones GRD, Ellis AG, Drabsch K, Cass A, Hoy WE, MacIsaac RJ, O’Dea K, Jerums G. Am J Kid Dis. 2012; 60:679-682.

 Last Orders: Follow-up of Tests Ordered on the Day of Hospital Discharge.

Ong M-S, Magrabi F, Jones G, Coiera E. Arch Int Med. 2012;172(17):1347-1349

The Role of HbA1c in the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus in Australia.

d-Emden MC, Shaw JE, Colman PG, Coliaguri S, Twigg SM, Jones GRD, Goodall I, Schneider HG, Cheung NW. MJA 2012;197:220-222.

Australasian Creatinine Consensus Working Group. Chronic kidney disease and automatic reporting of estimated glomerular filtration rate: new developments and revised recommendations.

Johnson DW, Jones GRD, Mathew TH, Ludlow MJ, Doogue MP, Jose MD, Langham RG, Lawton PD, McTaggart SJ, Peake MJ, Polkinghorne K, Usherwood T, MJA 2012;197:224-225.

Australasian Proteinuria Consensus Working Group. Chronic kidney disease and measurement of albuminuria or proteinuria: a position statement.

Johnson SW, Jones GRD, Mathew TH, Ludlow MJ, Chadban SJ, Usherwood T, Polkinghorne K, Colagiuri S, Jerums G, MacIsaac R, Martin H, MJA 2012;197:226-228.

Pre-analytical factors affecting troponin measurement.

Jones GRD, Panteghini M. Clin Biochem Rev Monograph 2012; 63-68.

Introducing high sensitivity troponin into routine use – A worked example.

Jones GRD, Finckh A, Wilson S. Clin Biochem Rev Monograph 2012;97-102.

‘Allowable Limits of Performance’ for External Quality Assurance Programs – an Approach to Application of the Stockholm Criteria by the RCPA Quality Assurance Programs.

Jones GRD, Sikaris K, Gill J. Clin Biochem Rev 2012;33:133-9

Cobas 8000 Modular Analyzer Series Evaluated under Routine-like Conditions at 14 Sites in Australia, Europe, and the United States.

von Eckardstein A, Roth HJ, Jones G, Preston S, Szekeres T, Imdahl R, Conti M, Blanckaert N, Jose D, Thiery J, Feldmann L, von Ahsen N, Locatelli M, Kremastinou J, Kunst A, Hubbuch A, McGovern M. Journal of Laboratory Automation, 2012;XX(X) 1–22.


Change of HbA1c reporting of the new SI units.

Jones GRD, Barker G, Goodall I, Schneider HG, Shephard MDR, Twigg SM. MJA 2011;195:45-6.

Laboratory reporting of urine protein and albumin.

Jones GRD Clin Biochem Revs 2011;32:107-11.

Estimating renal function for drug dosing decisions.

Jones GRD. Clin Biochem Revs 2011;32:85-92.

Proficiency Testing/External Quality Assessment: Current Challenges and Future Directions.

Miller WG, Jones GRD, Horowitz GL, Weycamp C. Clin Chem 2011;57:1670-80.