About SydPath

SydPath offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic laboratory services that include:

  • All major pathology disciplines, including anatomical pathology, chemical pathology, clinical pharmacology and toxicology, microbiology, immunopathology and haematology
  • Specialised laboratory and consultative services in endocrinology, clinical pharmacology and immunopathology.
  • Professional clinical consultative services in haematology, transfusion medicine, immunopathology and infectious diseases
  • Special skills and expertise in the expanding areas of fine needle cytopathology, molecular medicine and haematology and solid tumour cytogenetics
  • Professional management of laboratory services for clinical trials and research studies.

Commitment to Science

  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Highly experienced and skilled laboratory professionals and pathologists
  • Strong history of excellence in scientific research
  • NATA-RCPA ISO 15189 accreditation
  • TGA GMP Licences for Human Blood and Tissue

Commitment to Service

  • Central automated laboratory operating 24 hrs/day 7days/week.
  • A team of 22 specialist pathologists and clinical academics.
  • Call Centre and Help Desk support for our Clinicians, providing access to test results and interpretative advice.
  • Collection centre services in the Sydney metropolitan area and rural NSW.
  • Mobile collection service to nursing homes, private hospitals and patients’ homes.
  • Courier network attending to urgent and routine specimen pick ups and report deliveries.
  • Hardcopy and electronic reporting service.
  • Website access to SydPath’s Specimen Handling Database and other clinical links.
  • On-going client liaison

 By consistently providing:

  • Total flexibility and customer focused service levels
  • High quality laboratory testing
  • Expert technical, scientific and medical consultative support
  • Exceptional added value

With the highest values

  • Being a part of the St Vincent’s Hospital campus, SydPath is committed to the Mission and Values of the Hospital

                        Mission and Values, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney