Quality and Accreditation

SydPath is committed to the concept of quality in order to ensure excellence in the provision of pathology analytical, interpretive and advisory services. SydPath laboratories are accredited through The National Association of Testing Authorities to AS ISO 15189:2013.

SydPath is also an Australian Approved Manufacturer under Therapeutic Good Act 1989. The GMP licence authorises testing for virology screening, syphilis testing, NAT for HIV-1 and HCV and microbiological contamination testing for the manufacture of human tissues. These tests are mandated for tissue donors in accordance with the Therapeutic Goods Order 88 and for microbial contamination testing for product release. We are able to provide licensed testing for musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, ocular, human skin and human cell product tissue banks.

SydPath‘s current laboratory certificates are appended here in PDF format:

Import Permit

A current permit to import quarantine material into SydPath can be at:

Laboratory Director CV

The Curriculum Vitae for SydPath’s General Manager and Chief Scientific Officer can be obtained on request.